Youth Mental Health Awareness (Certified course)

This course is for Primary and Secondary Senior Leaders and Governors responsible for Mental Health and Wellbeing who wish to develop their knowledge and understanding of mental health issues in young people, and how this relates to the new Ofsted inspection requirements in this area.

Leaders will consider how mental health issues are currently identified and handled in their school and what may need to be changed or implemented, particularly in relation to the new OFSTED EIF.  Training will address the policy, actions and strategies required and enable Senior Leaders and Governors to:
  • better understand their role, how to plan and prepare for quality intervention and impact strategy reviews
  • ensure their school has a culture that supports effective arrangements to:
    • identify children who are at risk of neglect, abuse, grooming or exploitation who may need early help, including children in need
    • help learners reduce their risk of harm by securing the support they need, or referring in a timely way to those who have the expertise to help including Child Protection Plans and the particular needs of Children in Care
    • ensure all staff are trained, confident and knowledgeable in how to identify, manage and communicate the schools’ holistic culture on mental health issues
About the course
This course consists of two 2.5 hour evening sessions.

Session 1
The Youth Mental Health Awareness (YMHA) course offers an introduction to mental health and mental health issues in young people. Participants will become Mental Health Aware and will be able to:
  • Define mental health and emotional wellbeing
  • Relate to young people’s experience
  • Recognise some signs of mental health distress
  • Start a supportive conversation about mental ill health
  • Practice self-care

Session 2
Participants will further explore changes that can be implemented back in school, for example; communication of issues, tracking and evaluating responses and developing a whole school culture of working with relevant organisations to support young people. 

The cost of this course includes a manual, workbook and certificate.

This course is very much interactive with learning comprising of instructor presentation, group discussion, group activities and videos to provide detail to learning. It is facilitated by Jeff Porter who is an experienced Youth Mental Health First Aid England accredited Instructor.

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