Using Talk to improve Writing (Primary)

Who is this session for?
Would you like to develop your children’s mastery of writing across a range of text types? At the heart of this approach is the theory that pupils cannot write a sentence without, first, being able to speak it and cannot write in a particular style unless they understand its features. This course is suitable for NQTs, RQTs and any teachers from EYFS to KS2 who wish to improve the ability of their children to identify, discuss and, ultimately, apply the appropriate language and grammatical styles to their independent writing.

Session Objectives
During the session, delegates will:

  • Identify opportunities where talk enhances learning, throughout the whole writing process;
  • Identify the different types of talk that support writing at different stages of the process;
  • Engage with colleagues to plan to teach a unit of writing with talking at its heart;

Who is the Trainer?
This session has been designed and is delivered by ex-DHT, Curriculum and English Subject Leader, Hazel Green. She has worked on integrating talk throughout the teaching sequence for writing in her own schools and, as a Leading literacy Teacher for Essex, has supported other schools in following a similar process.

How will my School benefit?
This approach is suitable for all age ranges from EYFS up. Delegates will work together to identify opportunities throughout the writing process where different types of talk can be used support children’s understanding of different types of writing. By integrating these opportunities to use talk into every step of the teaching sequence for writing, delegates will be supporting children’s ability to identify the relevant language styles and grammatical features of different text types. In addition, they will equip children with the confidence to assess and comment on their own and others’ writing, leading to accelerated progress in speaking and listening and reading, as well as writing.

How will my students benefit?
During the session, practitioners will gain the knowledge to equip children with the skills that they need to read, analyse and discuss any given text type, identifying the language and grammatical features present. With these skills and knowledge in place, children will then be able to confidently create their own writing in a given text type, on any subject matter, leading to a mastery of writing across the curriculum.

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